Friday, January 9, 2009

Am I Being Watched?

I finally got some time off, and I was able to spend the New Year’s holidays with my family. As many of you have probably experienced, spending holidays with relatives can either be quite enjoyable or excruciatingly maddening. I was looking forward to just sleeping in, eating, and having a few drinks, but if you spend time with my family, the last thing you get to do is relax.

They kept asking me questions about Kijuju, but the more I told them about life here, especially in regards to recent events, the more they started to look worried or angry. I can’t understand why. You tell people about a few dead dogs and they think danger is lurking around every corner. My mom was especially worried, and she just shook her head and begged me not to go back to Kijuju. My father was no better, and told me to listen to her before I made her worry anymore. As much as I hate working, Kijuju is the only place that offers work at a decent wage, and because I keep sending money home, my family is able to enjoy a better life than they could normally. Life ain’t easy out here in the sticks. There’s hardly any work to be had here, and what jobs are available don’t even pay half as well as the mine.

I tried to explain that to them, but they wouldn’t hear of it. I didn’t even get to tell them about the blonde woman. She’s another reason why I want to be in Kijuju, but they wouldn’t understand that either.

When I came back to Kijuju, part of me started to feel like my family might have been right. The air was oppressive, if not downright stifling. I hurried to the market to buy dinner, but I felt like someone was watching me the entire time. I turned around and I saw the butcher talking to a man with a turban. It didn’t look like they were having a friendly chat, but more like they were discussing something grave. All the while they kept casting furtive glances in my direction.

I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but the first time I found that dog, the butcher was nearby. If my memory serves correctly, I’m sure I’ve seen multiple dead animals in the vicinity of his shop. Maybe he’s selling dog and cat meat as a delicacy. And you know what? I’m fine with that. If that’s how he wants to make his money, then he’s welcome to it. But what if it’s more than that? What if he’s been spraying graffiti and putting up strange posters? What if he’s starting a revolution or something? Unfortunately, there’s no one I can tell here. Even if there were, they probably wouldn’t do anything about it anyway.

I wonder what my girl thinks about this. (I know she’s not my girl yet, but she will be!) I also want to know what you think, so please leave a comment.


  1. Did you see anyone by the name Jill?

  2. Adam, stop trying to chase the blonde girl. From my experience, blondes haven't been the best experiences of my life. One blonde I met was a workaholic married to some dude who was also obsessed with his work. She wanted to keep his work safe to the point of threatening me with a gun.

    Another was this babe who had a really twisted brother that was intent on dressing like her or threatening me with his rifle on occasion. While it was cool that she enjoyed walking around naked, sometimes she would randomly sing about kings and queens or perform high notes for the hell of it. The girl ended up being a freak herself...I've heard of girls that get heated, but this woman had fire in her blood.

    The next one was kinda ditzy, but really cute. Her Dad apparently had some kind of Government job which was a bonus cause that means she's probably rich too. However I kinda stayed away from that one after I noticed a bunch of Spainards trying to kidnap her often, and threatening me with pitchforks and chainsaws whenever I was near her.

    My point being Adam that women are trouble...but blonde are the worst. If they're not damsels being captured then they're most likely crazy *****es out to kill you. So take my advice and forget the blonde.

    Anyways, Good Luck with your work in Kijuju.


    Mr. $miley

    p.s. Stop concerning over the dog with the missing head. Once you see Spider-man 3, nothing can be as sad, demented and disturbing to you.

  3. Hey Adam, what's up?
    So you continue feeling strange in Kijuju...
    I don't think that follow your blonde girl is a good idea. Strange things are happening in Kijuju, and your family is right. You should go back home and leave Kijuju.

    Trust in me, your family is not wrong. Kijuju is not the same place, believe me.
    As for de butcher, i recomend you don't to be near him. Kept remove from the butcher's shop. I think that will be a good idea.

    You have the oportunity to choose your best way. If you stay in Kijuju, your life is in risk, if you get out... you will not suffer bad consequences

    Trust in me, my friend and dont forget that your family loves you and want the best for you.

    Be carefull, Adam. Good Luck!

    P.S The grave... are you sure that they were talking about a grave? Maybe things can get worse.

  4. When producer Jun Takeuchi said that we would see the return of various characters from other games in the series, he wasn’t kidding. Every single major character from the series appears in the game, few actually make an appearance though. Some are cameos, some only mentioned, others are in flashbacks and the rest are in previews of Resident Evil 6.

    Mystery Cloaked Woman and Woman in Tube revealed:

    The Mystery woman is non other than 22 year old Sherry Birkin, she is sent by Albert Wesker to be sort of protection/bodyguard for Excella Gionne and sometimes Ricardo Irving, even though he eventually gets injected with a “Tricell made” virus and eventually is capable of defending himself against Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar..

    The woman that is seen inside of the glass tube filled with liquid is non other than Jill Valentine. Since Jill’s death, (and yes she actually did die and it is canon) Wesker actually recovered Valentine’s corpse and has been a experimenting with Tricell to the make the ideal B.O.W. in other words to make Jill Valentine a “perfect zombie.”

    Chris Redfield and Ada Wong:

    Ada wong actually plays a minor but significant role in game. She actually contacts Chris via telecommunication assisting him with “dealing with Wesker.”

    Chris Redfield and Ada Wong continued..

    Ada Wong's Report 5 gives clues to some events that takes place in RE 5. The company she refers to as S is in fact Tricell.The organization that hired both Ada and Wesker are actually one of the very "few" that wants to use the black marketed viruses for good, humane purposes. Of course, you should already have guessed by now that Wesker left the Organization to join up with S or as we know now to be Tricell.

    Ada then begins to monitor Wesker's and Tricell's activities, ultimately planning to bring an end to both.

    This is also when Ada Wong decides to contact Chris Redfield.

    Remember when Chris says that the leads he were given by someone (Ada) lead him to Kijuju,Africa.

    Don't forget that in Wesker's Report from RE:CVX he mentions that the progenitor virus was discovered in Africa; also, note that Wesker's Reports were meant for Ada's Wong's eyes only.I'll let you put the puzzle together.

    For those of you who don't get it. (Wesker sends his reports to Ada, Ada gives them to Chris, Chris reads them, sees the that progenitor is located in Africa and thus Resident Evil 5 begins.

    Chris Redfield and Ozwell E. Spencer:

    But, after reading Wesker's reports given to him by Ada, Chris still didn't know exactly where in Africa the progenitor virus was.This is when Chris Redfield decides to search for Spencer. Chris ultimately finds Spencer's hidden estate. Chris finds Spencer and begins to interrogate him. Ironically Wesker shows up at the estate and thus the Chris vs Wesker vs Spencer confrontation takes place.

    This is partially seen in the recently revealed TGS 08 trailers. Eventually a weakened and frightened Spencer reveals the location to Wesker while Chris seems to be unconsious, but Chris is well alert and hears everything. Although Resident Evil 5 starts off as another mission to Africa a little later in the game, but still considered kind of early in the game, Chris Redfield puts the pieces together and finds out that he is in fact near the very location that that Spencer revealed to Wesker, when they last met at the Spencer Estate.Thus the reason why Chris encounters Tricell and Wesker in this specific location (Kijuju) in Africa.

    Chris Redfield and Claire Redfield:

    You all might already know that Chris Redfield is not only searching for the progenitor virus, but a "friend" as well. Initially the friend is actually Sherry Birkin and not the heavy speculated Jill Valentine.A little later in the game, before the refinery area,Chris unknowingly drops a letter from sibling Claire Redfield.Sheva Alomar then retrieves the fallen letter and suspiciously keeps it and then reads it.The letter basically is a request from Claire asking Chris to please "rescue" Sherry Birkin from Wesker and bring her back unharmed. The letter is more detailed than that, but that pretty much sums it up.

    In the confrontation with Ricardo Irving, he drops photos of Jill Valentine and files regarding her "progression."Those files were supposed to be sent to Wesker, but now Chris gets a whole of them. Then when the cloaked woman appears and saves Irving, Sheva says, "Isn't that". Sheva some how knows that the masked woman is Sherry Birkin and not Jill Valentine.But after retrieving the files from Irving, Chris is now on the hunt for two "friends." This the reason for the tension between Chris and fellow BSAA member, Josh. Josh basically thinks Chris Is "foolish" for searching for friends during a dangerous time like the one their in.

    Once again Ada Wong is responsible for both Leon S. Kennedy, Chris and Claire Redfield's knowledge about Sherry Birkin where abouts.You might have figured out that they read Wesker's report about Sherry being "special" and in she being in his care. So yes basically Ada Wong used Wesker's Reports for the better good of things.

  5. If you think, that it's dangerous there, so why don't you just turn around and run away?
    Week, another, and instead of beheaded dog can be you, didn't you think about it?
    You've got some time to make your suggestions, until it isn't too late.
    We're really worried about you.

  6. Adam, I will offer this advice in the form of a haiku:

    Let sleeping dogs lie
    Do not mess with the butcher
    The steaks are too high

  7. Holidays AND family are usually = hard times, fortunately I have only my parents to worry about, no brothers or relatives of any kind living nearby.

    Have you considered to try out and get a room somewhere else out of town?, maybe is better if you visit Kijuju only for work... besides, you can still catch up whit the blond one after work now that your drinking pals aren't nearby...



    Listen to me Adam, they're going to kill you. Kill. You. Dead.

  9. That stuff is Beasley's post is made up by some forum troll. Just another loser trying to get attention. Hi loser!

  10. That post by Beasley is totally false info made up by some forum troll. Just another loser trying to get attention. Hi loser!

  11. 我看本遊戲有歧視非洲黑種人的意味

  12. I know a man with a turban!!! Then people wiil kill him. What about dog, they will live and will bad. davey1345, Beasley's info truly.

  13. Mr. Smiley = Funniest person ever to comment and my new hero lol

    Anywho, it sounds like things in kijuju are looking weird for ya, huh, buddy? But what are you gonna do, eh? Hey, if the pay is good, keep to it, but make sure you brush your teeth so when you meet up with that girl, she'll think you look mighty fine :)

    Oh yeah, and I recommend not talking to the butcher for a while... Maybe he's really been selling you dog meat... Or maybe he had a bad couple days! ... Just be careful what you drink, it could be laced :)

  14. Strange... I don´t know what they could possibly want to deal with you mate. If they want you dead, you have been already a dead headless corpse.

    Seems like everybody want you out of there, but i don´t. Things are really getting odd, and you are the only one that could keep other safe. It´s your duty to protect us, keep blogging even if your life is in danger, it will give you a meaning to your very existence, a higher meaning than getting drunk with your fellow mates.

    Keep blogging, keep digging, keep us informed.

  15. Adam:

    I think that something wicked this way comes. I've never heard of cat or dog being used for food unless it's the middle of a famine. Something is killing those dogs, and it's something the villagers won't fight against. Never a good sign.

    I keep having the feeling that this something isn't natural, but I'm telling myself that it's all the Lovecraft I've been reading recently.

    Regardless, I'm going to give you some advice: Carry something sharp, keep aware, and be ready to run like hell at the drop of a hat. I think both your friends and the blonde girl would rather you be alive than dead.

    I can't shake the feeling that a storm is coming. Do us all a favor, Adam: Weather it.


  16. Stuck between the 2 sides of a rusty deal, eh, big guy?
    I can't really say much to help you there, as I'm kinda caught between my own personal rocks, at the moment.
    Business in Kijuju is rough and unpredictable, but with the economy collapsing back home, this is kind of a last resort. It's not paradise, but we're working to bring some sort of industry in, and re-construct this whole place.

    Only problem is the unpredictability of the situation, and outsiders waltzing into town.
    We have a delicate operation underway, and we can't afford intervention. I've seen this Turban-head around before...sneaky weasel seems to be keeping tabs on me or something.

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  18. Adam and Irving, quit bitching. The economy is bad every where so be grateful that you have a nice job. Anyway, do me a favor. Google Jill Valentine and find out how she died. She dies about 2 years ago and was a member of the BSAA. I'm pretty sure you have some internet access.

  19. don't let people inject anyhing in you
    if they said: its for your own good and will cure sickness

    run like a hell

  20. stay sharp! dont trust anyone! be wary of this blonde girl, there might be a side to her which might put u into danger.

  21. Yo man! Have you noticed if the butcher has a thing for acupuncture? Either that or does he have a huge axe that just doesn't look like it belongs in the tool collection of your everyday butcher? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then be wary of him, my friend. He's dangerous!

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  23. there is no amount of money worth your life dude. just go home and forget about what you saw in kijuju

  24. Beasley, might want to put spoilers as part of your post, thanks for ruining things jackass

    Get out of there while you still can.

  25. @ezbiker, the stuff is confirmed fake.

  26. you actually work there?, my god, you have my sympathy, that place it's awful... :(

  27. Wow....i don't know how you could have gone back to Kijuju after visiting home.

    Stay safe Adam! >_<


    1. damn thats an old ass meme. I hope you died in a fire after saying that stale ass shit even if your comment 9 years old already

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