Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

Of all the days to show up to work on time! The boss wasn’t even there all morning! When he finally came in, I really wished I hadn’t come in at all. He said he was taking five of us to another work site, and then he pulled out a scrap of paper and read off their names. I don’t know if this was random or someone specifically chose them, but what I do know is that a couple of my drinking buddies were among them. Wonderful. Now who do I go drinking with after work? The new work site is about a half a day’s drive from here, so who knows when or if I’ll ever see them again. They were good guys. It’s not going to be easy to drown my sorrows by myself. I’ll do a shot for you guys!

Man, today was probably the best day of my life! I went to one of my favorite watering holes after work, but my heart wasn’t into it at first since a couple of my buddies had been transferred out of the mine. I did a few shots in honor of the good times we had together.

I would have sat there all alone for the rest of the night if SHE hadn’t walked in. Yes, it was the mysterious blonde I’ve been writing about in my posts! Since I had a few drinks in me, I decided to let the alcohol do the talking (love that liquid courage!) and asked her if she would join me for a drink. Naturally, she agreed.

She was quiet at first, and I wasn’t really sure what I should say to her, but after she ordered a whiskey and water (my type of woman!), she turned chatty and I knew things were going my way. She started telling me all about her life in Kijuju. She’s seen some strange things lately, like animals that have been eviscerated or carcasses that look like they had been dragged around by something. She says she’s only been in Kijuju for several weeks, but since the beginning of this month it’s started to feel like a different place from when she first arrived. She can’t explain it, but she said she feels scared at times for no reason at all. If I’m reading her right, I think she was indirectly letting me know she wants to spend more time with me.

I didn’t want to look desperate by asking questions, so I just agreed with everything she said. I tried to add to her conversation by describing my experience with the dog the other day, not to mention the butcher who had been acting strangely. I also told her how I’ve seen trails of blood without any bodies. There’s also been an increase of areas with graffiti, as well as strange posters thrown up around the town. (I didn’t focus too much on that graffiti part since some of it might have been done by me on one of my wilder nights out.) The place has definitely taken on a different air since I came here all those months ago. It’s like the town is changing right under my nose but no one is bothering to let me know it’s changing.

I told her not to worry, and most of the things that have happened could be attributed to a wild tiger or something. She seemed to find comfort in my words, so I moved my stool a little closer to hers. That’s when she really opened up to me. I don’t know if it was because of the alcohol or because she felt comfortable with me, but she started complaining about her boyfriend. (It’s always a good sign when a girl complains to you about her boyfriend.) Apparently, he went off to work one day and he hasn’t come back since. Everyone keeps telling her he’s busy. I don’t think work could ever keep me so busy that I’d neglect such an attractive woman as this.

I told her if she needed anything, she could always count on me. She thanked me and smiled before getting up and walking out. I probably should have followed her, but I think I need to play a little hard to get in order to keep her interested.

Like I said, best day of my life!

And the best Christmas gift I’ve ever had!!

Remember, comments are always appreciated!

P.S. I completely forgot to ask her what her name is! I’m just going to have to wait until next time.


  1. Isn't that blonde chick you keep going on about married?

  2. Adam, listen to me! YOU HAVE TO GET OUT OF THERE! Your workmates, they're dead or worse. They've been infected with a parasite called Las Plagas that originated from Spain. That mine is probably owned by Tricell, a pharmaceutical company. Call the cops! Or the army, or someone. Run for your motherflippin' life!

  3. why are you so obsessed with this blonde chick? You're in Africa, dude. Get yourself some brown sugar, y'know what I'm sayin', dawg?

  4. If somebody asks you to put a weird, writhing creature in your mouth, do NOT listen to them and report them to the police immediately.

  5. Hey, if you happen to have any green herbs or shotgun ammunition that you don't need, would you mind scattering it around town randomly when you have a chance? Thx brah

  6. The blonde girl is BAD, she is very suspicious. Once she will come and say to you.... BOO XD

  7. I know the girl. Very friendly, but mysterious at the same time. I don't remember her name, tho, I remember it started with S...

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  9. I agree with Todd — but also be sure to hide some yellow and red herbs in "out of the way" places, you never know when if/when you'll need them...

    Hey, last time I went on a trip to Spain, I noticed random boxes with snakes in them. Noticed anything strange like that in Kijuju? Oh, and remember to upload a pic of that blonde for us if you think of it...

  10. The girl sounds pretty nice, you should've asked what her boyfriend does around there AND KILL HIM... *ehem* I mean get to the bottom of why he is being so late!... And then kill him... *ehem*

    Oh yeah, I have a question, since you are uploading this on the internet, how can you do that if everyone has typewriters?! *snicker*

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  12. Adam, i honestly hope that you're not feeling "itchy"... neither are you thinking: "tasty"...


    i will blow your head off (hoping that a friggin plaga won't pop out... =O ) when i arrive to Kijuju! I hope you won't mind that. Cheers mate. =D

  13. i would like to go to africa actually, is the people nice in there? perhaps you should wait for her to break with her boyfriend and have you seen her boyfriend? be sure its not a big guy or maybe a small guy with unnatural strength, and how old is she? i mean for hanging out by herself in bars

  14. I'm looking for tickets to the fireworks show. Maybe one of yous guys can help me? That would be splendid.

  15. What IS this? I hope this isn't Chris' blog.

  16. I hope we'll find you in march
    will be a pleasure for us

    by the way. keep posting and tell us more about her

  17. If her boyfriend's name is Wesker then you better run away fast!

  18. Hey man you have to get her name. Sounds like shes into you do. How she looking? Your single and in Africa. That makes her a prime target :P
    Oh post her name and a pic when you get the chance man.
    P.S. Any ideas on the dog carcass thing? PETA arrive yet? jk

  19. So... you see it too?
    Be carefull Adam, really. Kijuju has changed. It's not the same place... They are... They used Africa as a...
    These dogs, the people there... something is wrong.
    Go out, Adam. Get away...
    I must go now.

  20. You should watch your step Adam, things can be a bit more complicated than what they seem to be

  21. Really interesting!
    Unfortunately, I don't know, how to help you, but it all seems strange and...
    Never mind.

    Anyway, there are some advices.
    Wait, what's going to happen and pay attention to anything strange.
    And be very, VERY attentive.
    Yes, one more thing, you must stop drinking, it ruins your health.

  22. I managed to get X-mas off. It was great. I got Hellboy 2 and an i-pod adapter to play in my car. Sadly, I suffered a loss the day Playstation 3 died....I sent it in so I should be getting it back later this week. That's good cause I want to be sure that I have a working PS3 on me when I go to Kijuju. Let it be known on your blog Adam that if I should die in Kijuju for whatever make sure I'm buried with my PS3.

    Till then, peace out.


    Mr. $miley

  23. Dear Adam, arm yourself with a couple of bottles of whisky, a shotgun an a lot of rounds, this is gonna get ugly a few months from now, specially on March. Quit the Don Juan thing, and get yourself outta there... the sooner the better

  24. Yous guys going to shape up that refinery, down near the oil fields, sometime?
    That place is a real dump. But, I suppose since it's Kismas, it'd be best to put all other worries outside and focus on the simple things ;)

    Keep yourself careful round' the ladies, though; they're a smart pack of coconuts they are.

    If all fails, the bar's always open, eh big guy?

  25. Todd: Why would I scatter shotgun shells around town? That’s dangerous and children could get hurt

  26. Ross A. Reyman: No snakes in boxes here, but I did find some money in one once!

  27. Adam, what children are you talking about? You should know better, there are no children to kill in Resident Evil! There's only Sherry that SHOULD(!) be a big girl now... x) Now get that lazy butt of yours out, there are ammunition waiting to be scattered! No more lame excuses like children in Resident Evil! :P

  28. Hohoho......
    what if 仁科百華 played an AV in Kijuju..., as your cristmas' gift?