Friday, December 19, 2008

Thinking About Her

Well, kinda.

I saw that woman I wrote about in my last blog (and shame on you if you didn’t read it!) out in the town again. Unfortunately, I was on my way to work and I didn’t want to be late since I was already late twice this week. I think it’s a good thing not to show up at work with a hangover, so I like to sleep it off. My boss, however, doesn’t agree with me. I guess he’d rather have me show up on time and put everyone’s lives at risk with my reduced reaction times. I wish we had safety standards here.

But I digress.

Even though I wasn’t able to talk to her, I did find out a few things. She didn’t grow up here; she came here with her boyfriend who, if the rumors are to be believed, doesn’t like to show up regularly for work. I might be late from time to time, but at least I’m there every day. This jerk can’t even be bothered to show up! But with drinks being so cheap, I can hardly blame the guy.

I know she has a boyfriend in theory, but if this guy is missing work all the time, he’s probably neglecting her as well. It might be time for Sir Adam to save the princess in distress. If anyone’s got any ideas for how I might go about this, leave a comment and let me know. Life in Kijuju is looking better every day.

It’s Friday, so time for another night of drinking! Maybe I’ll run into my mysterious blonde princess...


  1. Hey, be sure to upload a pic of your "blonde princess" when you get a chance! :)

  2. Im sure she feels lonely as well as you do my friend, so try taking advantage out of this.

  3. Why buy the turducken when you can get the milk for free.

    Or as Captain Jack Sparrow would say:

    "Take what you can. Give nothing back."

    Your pal,

    Mr. $miley

    p.s. You say she's a blonde princess....chances are her boyfriend is an Italian plumber...just a guess.

  4. Wow, this guy sounds like a real schlub!
    Leaving his lucy behind to pick around at bars, while he slacks off?
    Little Red Riding Hood's going to end up catching some wolves, if she's not careful.

    Who knows, big guy, maybe you'll get lucky, eh?

    Speaking of which, I've been rather lazy myself, as of late; got some other demands to meet in which I can't discuss. I hope my little lady doesn't feel neglected...I haven't seen her for a few days.

    Oh well, catch you for a cold one!

  5. anaid: Thanks for the advice! You are obviously a real ladies’ man like myself!

  6. I want to participate in the mission.

  7. lmao Captain save a hoe ass nigga