Friday, January 30, 2009

Lost Friends

I hadn’t opened my curtains to look outside since I saw that crazy mob and their bonfire last week. It doesn’t help that I keep hearing that man with the megaphone delivering venomous speeches to get the people riled. I wish someone would shut him up. Not me mind you. I’m not one to stir the pot.

Eventually my curiosity got the better of me, and I drew back the curtain just a smidge to look outside. This time I saw tons of people just milling about, almost twice or three times as many as last week! I didn’t even know there were that many people living in this part of Kijuju to begin with. I don’t think they’re foreigners given Mr. Sunglasses’ disdain for them, but God only knows where they’ve been hiding. I wasn’t too focused on the individual faces in the crowd until I saw one that made me shout out in surprise: It was one of my old drinking buddies from work! I haven’t seen him since he and some other guys were “transferred” to another work site. Every time I asked my boss about them, he just gave me the old runaround. Now I see one of them here of all places. I so wanted to open up my window and call out to him and say, “Hey, let’s go get a drink – my treat!” but I didn’t want all those other people tagging along.

At night the crowd dispersed so I thought I’d check out the old watering hole we all used to go to on the off chance that he or any of my other former drinking buddies would be there. The bar was in complete shambles. I had no idea that fight a couple weeks ago had completely demolished it. Now that I think about it, I heard that the owner had been killed during the melee. Poor guy. That’s probably why the bar had been ransacked as well. There wasn’t a thing left in there that wasn’t broken. Every last bottle of alcohol had been cleaned out.

I turned around to go home. You know what they say: Never fall in love with a bar. I should have heeded that advice. Now I have no bar and no friends and no woman. Worst of all, I don’t even have anything to drink.

As I started to walk away, my foot kicked something hard. I bent down to pick it up. It was my lucky day. I had stumbled upon an unopened bottle of whiskey! Today turned out to be better than I thought it would be. I’m sitting here enjoying the spoils of my little expedition. Anyone else drinking as they read this?


  1. OMFG you drink so much XDDDDi hate you alcoholic!! Kidding XDD you must to go and to say "OMFG FREE ICE-CREAAAM" they will forget about all and you will king XDD

  2. Now that your boss had not told you the truth of your buddies’ whereabouts(it seems like the first movie of Bruce Lee,The Big Boss,and it's never a good sign :) ), and then your buddy emerge again with mob , Kijuju must have been upber control of somebody or something evil.

    It seems that you have not been to the bar again since Jan 16. You are so easy to be satisfied, even a bottle of Whiskey can make you satisfied. Life is filled with colorful. Since you almost have lost all your interest in Kijuju, and it’s threatening your own life, why the hell you don’t GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE?

    Beware, you have ignored others' advice about bar. Now you should heed my advice, leave Kijuju!

    Good luck to you!

  3. i wonder where the zombie thing will start... i just can't stand your loser way to deal with problems.

  4. 1. The bar has been destroyed.
    2. Allyson has a boyfriend and will die soon anyway.
    3. You've been hiding for a week so you can't be going to work.

    So why the eff are you still there. Hey, here's a suggestion, instead of going to the proper authorities why don't you investigate the situation yourself and get in totally over your head! I'm sure you won't be infected/killed. Really....

  5. Drink up for the best, my friend!

    Paradise is nigh...


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  8. Since when did Richard get a PhD?!

    And his way of phrasing things are getting a bit suspicious. Maybe you could make a date with Allyson and stake out his house tonight. But, really, you should go back to work, Adam or miss out on your trophy girl. Your no good lounging around your house all week. You might as well have taken your parents advice and left.

    Anyway there might be some traditions/events that are attracting all them people to Kijuju. Im sure you're not much of an expert in that area, Adam. ;) Just face the music and get out there. Im sure nothing bad is gonna happen to you when you have your drinking buddies around (or...?)

    The bar incident is quite weird, maybe more riots broke out in the bar since your last visit with Allyson. But most of the perpetrators are dead, right? Don't fret about it. Just take the whisky and make it last. (Something tells me that bar isn't going to be open again for a long time)

  9. dude.............. you have to get the oceanic 815 fly

  10. dont drink it! it may have undesirable results. May be its a trap...... who knows!

  11. You should defiantly drink it, it's always great to drink some random crap from the ground where you have no idea where it's been! Make sure to drink every last drop, don't let it go to waste!


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  13. Adam, with so much sh*t happening around you, you have to think positive! At least the megaphone guy should not have a penis as huge as Saddler's! When you're dead ask Luis about it, he'll tell you... x)

  14. Adam, at this rate you should check the market and see if they're seeling any "My Chemical Romance" CDs.

    Seriously, you're entire blog is screaming something along the lines of "CRAWLING IN MY SKIN!"

    If you really think things are so bad then you need to check out this movie trilogy I saw.

    Go out and see if Kijuju has a Blockbuster or video rental store. Can't recall the name of the movies at the moment, but look for series of zombies films starring Milla Jovovich. I guarantee after watching through them you'll be realizing that you never had it so bad to begin with. Nothing could be as terrible as Mike Epps' jokes, Zack Ward with a Russian accent, Ali Larter dedicating entire scenes to looking for cigarettes or just Paul Anderson's craptastic writing over all in regards to the scripts. Don't even get me started on mentioning the clones either....Oh God the clones...If you're scared at the way things in Kijuju are me when I say you haven't seen true terror yet.


    Mr. $

  15. AH! The sweet smell of Las Plagas in the morning

  16. Perhaps you will become one of the followers of that "Mr.Sunglasses" someday.Get you ass out of there quickly,dude~

  17. Adam, it's Lucas.


    Seriously, man!!! This place has gone to hell! I'm locked up in my place right now because those mobs are fucking everywhere!!

    And it's not just the mobs, it's out friends too! You remember Dave? Nicest guy in the world, wouldn't hurt a fly. I saw him at the market the other day, and you know what? HE TOOK ONE LOOK AT ME AND ATTACKED ME. He even grabs a knife from god knows where and threw it at me!

    This place is changing people, man, for better or for worse! I'm already packing my things and just waiting for a chance to get to my car!

    If you value your life, You'll follow. I'm more then willing to take you with me, but I'm not willing to wait. I'm taking the first chance I get man, if you want out, you better hope you get here soon!


    P.S. Oh, and if you ever see Ricardo, tell him to go fuck himself. The guy won't stop bugging me about quitting...

  18. Adam? Reading what I can about the goings on there in Kijuju, a lot of people have been reported as acting strange or simply vanishing.

    's like a fracking X-Files episode, mano. Take that bottle, find someplace secure, and stay there for the long haul if you can't get outta there. The reports alone are givin' me the jibblies...


  20. If I were you, I hop Capcom video dimensions as soon as possible. I hear Devil May Cry's Fortuna is nice this time of year, and it is recently religious cult free as well.

  21. Better get outta there! It's all going down!

  22. Hi Adam!! Be careful... soon... the next month, maybe the thing change :P whatever... Do yo like Degeneration movie?