Friday, February 6, 2009

A Welcome Surprise

There was a furious pounding at my door that gave me such a start I almost dropped my glass of whiskey. Thankfully my quick reflexes spared me from any unfortunate loss. I wasn’t sure if I should open the door or not. I don’t want to say that I feared for my life at this point, but given the general state of craziness in Kijuju, one can never be too careful. To be sure, I was wary of opening up the door, but my curiosity eventually got the better of me – again.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened the door. It was Allyson! She looked haggard, like she hadn’t slept in a week, but I didn’t care because she’s still my princess. I hurried her into the room and sat her down and gave her a watered down whiskey to calm her nerves. I couldn’t follow what she was saying exactly because I was happy just to have her back. To the best of my understanding she wasn’t able to find her boyfriend, and that the hotel she was staying at came under attack by locals shouting anti-foreigner slogans. Some people were dragged into the street and disappeared into the sea of hands of an angry mob. What became of them is anyone’s guess. Allyson was able to sneak away and she made a bee line for my place. Since I was born in this country she thought it’d be safer here than back at her hotel. I couldn’t fault her logic, but even I don’t feel safe here anymore.

Allyson’s been staying with me ever since, so I can’t say the current situation in Kijuju is all that bad. : ) Unfortunately, she gets jumpy every time that guy with the megaphone starts up with one of his rants. There’s just no end to them. Every day more and more people come to listen to him. No, that’s not true. They come to act like a drunken biker gang at a rock concert.

What is wrong with this place?


  1. If you're scared with this place, get out of here! >=/

    But don't forget Allyson! ;D

  2. Heed my advice, contact the B.S.A.A. They will assist you in getting the hell out of that place. There has been a biohazard outbreak and all those nutcases outside your place are the infected. Better grab the girl and flee before you get shot in the head by a B.S.A.A agent.

  3. you were born in Africa?


    Its good to know you have your girl back! Just be careful okay, you sir have nerves of steel, i would of ran away back to thee ol' USA

  4. Keep her safe, I have good reasons to think there's a some sort of civil war or some political interest involved in this situation... I can't really say anything else, but there's something going on. Try to get to your parents house whit her, believe me, I really don't like how things are turning lately...not even for me.

    Hope your luck is best than mine...


  5. Adam

    Don't dismiss the danger around you specially with Allyson in your care. This isn't a revolution it's genocide. Kijuju is no longer safe plans must be made to evacuate the area before they start sweeping the town for more foreigners. Find a time to leave without being seen doing so, and head back home.

    It's most likely they got to her boyfriend already.

  6. Although there is a saying goes, CURIOSITY KILLED THE CAT… while your curiosity bring you your princess back! : )

    To the best of my knowledge, there is a type of parasite called Las Plagas that is controled by a unique frequency of sonic wave. That may be why Allyson gets jumpy every time that megaphone sunglasses guy shout.

    Now that your princess has no any else to turn to. That is YOU CHANCE to show off! Stay with her and protect her! Get out of Kijuju with your princess right now!
    According to Luis Sera, a special radiation can remove the parasite! Tricell must own this type of device. If your princess is infected, this will be the key! While it will not be that easy, so leave this mission to Chris Refield… you have your family to take care of!

    However…leave Kijuju ASAP! You’d better take Allyson as well but you have to have an eye on her. If her behave weirdly, contact with the BSAA!

    Good luck! Keep your guard up!

  7. Ah huh, so you were born in Kijuju. Okay the web designers really need to rethink how they picture Adam. I really don't see a Paul Bunyan like character in Kijuju. Acourse guys with leeches for heads aren't real either.
    Thirty five days, until the zombies take over, know I wonder how they will blog.

  8. RE5 Spoilers: Wesker mata a Spencer, Chris mata a Jill, Barry es El Gigante, Wesker muere en un Volcan

  9. RE5 Spoilers: Allyson will be killed by a tough guy named CHRIS REDFIELD because she becomes a monster:(

    Dude,forget your girl(or not yours yet)and run away,otherwise you're gonna see something horrible,really horrible....

  10. All in due time, my friend;...Paradise uncoils itself like a serpent.
    Soon, pain shall be set aside as you re-awaken.
    Your new realization will bring you visions of the new god, and your strength shall multiply. won't even recognize yourself. But who needs to remember the life lost, anyways?

  11. Glad to see you're making the best out of your situation Adam (how long have you been drinking that whisky bottle for?). However, I'd like to remind you that your little princess is already taken so don't try any funny stuff. Chances are that if you do karma is going to bite you in the ass...

    Until then,

    Mr. $

  12. Adam, it's Lucas.

    Those damned locals pretty much have me pinned down in here. They knew I was trying to get out and completely destroyed my car.

    I...I'm still looking for a way out of's not looking well.

    Listen, you're lucky that Allyson is there. I'm all alone here, and honestly, that's freaking me out more then then the locals. I'd join you if I could, but I doubt I could make it over there unharmed without my car...Take care of her, would you?

    I'm running out of food here...I don't know how much longer I can last...if you find a way out, let me know, man.


    P.S. Irving's comments here are getting kind of odd...He sound more...religious then usual. I think he may have something to do with this. Try to avoid him.

  13. Hey Adam! afeítate la barba!! y cómprate una nueva camisa xq nadie quiere vr el mal gusto q tienes

  14. At least you have a story to tell when you get back home... if you get back alive.

  15. You know what would be awesome? If the PC version of RE5 would have a RANDY SAVAGE MOD!!! OH YEEEEEEEEAH!

  16. Oh yeah, just to add info, Ricardo Irving is the guy Sheva and Chris are trying to find in Kijuju. Google "Playing God trailer" and he'll be mentioned by the guy wearing a turban (who was also mentioned in one of Adam's earlier posts) and he has also shown up in one of the other trailers. I'd like to add that Irving has a really annoying voice.

  17. When was Irving mentioned in the blog, Adam run!!! Run Adam runnnnn!!