Friday, February 27, 2009

I’d Drink... If I Could Find a Bar

I woke up this morning to find that Allyson wasn’t lying next to me. I thought she might have ventured out to see if she could find some food or something. I was angry that she would have been so stupid to go outside. Then I noticed a note addressed to me sitting on my keyboard. It was from her. She said she’s gotten fed up with me just sitting at my computer. She can’t stand being cooped up in here not doing anything, and she can no longer stand the fact that I’m not trying to help us get out of here. That’s not true though! I’ve been looking up important information and trying to find someone to help us. It’s not like I’m sitting around all day reading celebrity gossip! I want to tell her that so she’ll understand.

I should’ve told her that.

It’s too late for regrets. She’s gone now, probably off to find a way out of Kijuju. Now that I think about it, she kept asking me about the mine and any underground passages it might have. I told her everything she wanted to know, not questioning why she wanted me to tell her about that stuff. Things had been tense lately, and we’ve been arguing a lot, so I was happy just to have a night without any fighting. I had no clue she was going to do something like this...

Why would she leave me? She was safe here. I was here. She was better off here with me, but now she’s out there on her own. I want to go out and find her – bring her back. I’m torn. I want to go and find her, but I can’t bring myself to go outside. I know I’ll be killed if I do. I hate myself for giving in to my fears, but my fear is stronger than any sadness. I pray that she makes it back to me OK. It’s all I can do.

If there’s anyone out there that can help her, please, do it! Tell her to come back to me! I will protect her.


  1. Which part of Kijuju are you in?

    I think I'm nearby...


  2. Hmmm... you write every friday!!!!!! Anyway, Allyson made a stupid thing that ran, of course because she is blonde XD Don't try to find her, now she infected!!!!

  3. as much as this might hurt to hear
    shes gone man shes not coming back

  4. She dug her own grave...

    I will take many shots for you :-|

  5. People in horror stories are so dumb.

  6. God speed Adam of Kijuju. No more sarcastic and witty replies this time. You will truly be missed. And you have our prayers.


    Mr. $

    p.s. Allyson was a ***** anyways. It's not a good time for Allyson to lose her head over this whole mess.

  7. Adam you said it your self, Allyson prob left to find a way out of Kijuju. Nows about time you do the same. Any news on the evil crowds? did they die down at all?

  8. Adam,

    I know you're probably sick of reading this, but seriously friend, pick up a crowbar, a heavy wrench, an iron pipe, SOMETHING, and head for the mine, it might be your ticket out of there. You used to work there so if you catch up with Allyson it'll be like your own back yard.

    As callous as this sounds, don't go looking for other survivors, don't follow the sound of any gunshots or screams. If you come across someone on your way out without going out of your way, yes, help them, but don't detour. Everyone is responsible for their own survival in this situation.

    Also, if you can, look up some information on the S.T.A.R.S. reports from the Arklay Mountains incident a couple years ago, there might be something for you.

    Hell, even a perusal of a few survival manuals for worst-case scenarios would do you a world of good. The word's out, Adam, now all you can do for yourself is get to the mines and try to find a way out.

  9. Nice going. You lost your job, your girl and, more importantly, all alcohol.

  10. My name is Chris Redfield. I just started reading this blog. By the sounds of it, you're knee deep in an act of bioterrorism. I'll see what I can do to help you. I'm from North America, so it may take me about 2 weeks to get to you...

  11. ok, try to stay alive as long as you can, the help will arrive on march 13th.

    grab something to defend yoursefl

    and don't go out of your house a don't call the majini atention.

    allyson is dead by now...wel she's infected so if you see her run as fast as you can, she isn't allyson anymore.

    good luck!

  12. You gotta shoot em' in the head!

  13. Did you ever get the chance to kiss her?
    If you didn't, your time is coming, my dear!
    I heard she likes to eat faces... off.

  14. I'm sure that my uncle Al will find her! Believe me, he'll take EXTRA good care of her! Like that time he took care of my doberman! He said it had rabies so he took care of it himself, without having me to kill it, what a great uncle huh!?

  15. Allyson was infected. Defend yourself. In your place, I stay in house. Kijuju's dangerous now. But, if B.S.A.A is there, you can stay calmly. PS: Search Chris Redfield, he can help!